Meat vs. a Plant-based Diet

Meat vs. a Plant-based Diet

What is meat?

Growing up and even in recent years I have used the word meat to refer to flesh foods (chicken, beef, turkey etc). The dictionary defines meat as (1) The flesh of animals used for food. (2) The edible part of anything, as a fruit or nut.


The fruit of trees in the garden was the food God designed to meet all the needs of man. Eating the flesh of animals was never His plan. He only gave Noah permission after everything that man could subsist on had been destroyed by the flood.

Disease in animals is rapidly increasing and as such meat eating is doubly dangerous now. “Could you know the nature of the meat you eat, could you see the animals when living from which the flesh is taken when dead, you would turn with loathing from flesh meats. The very animals whose flesh you eat, are frequently so diseased that, if left alone, they would die of themselves…You take directly into your system humors and poison of the worst kind…” {CD 385.1}

Perhaps you’ve thought about transitioning to a plant-based diet but don’t know how to or where to start. Here are 3 tips:

  1. Start by replacing one meat-based meal each week with one that is plant-based.
  2. Browse the internet for recipes and inspiration, or invest in a good plant-based cookbook. Start with a simple recipe to build confidence.
  3. Incorporate your favorite sauces (BBQ, sweet and sour, marinara, marsala etc), as well as cooking techniques (grilling, roasting/baking) when preparing dishes.

Remember, a plant-based lifestyle is more than just a dry salad. This is where your culinary skills will shine, as you explore and experiment with plants, herbs, nuts, grains and fruits to make appetizing dishes for you and your family.

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